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I’ve just set up a #googledrive spreadsheet to record all my tweets, its pretty cool 


I’ve just set up a spreadsheet to record all my tweets, its pretty cool 

Source of this post from Alexis Bush Blog

been looking for a good tree surgeon in Kent and I finally found one,  Tudor Rose Tree Care are an excellent tree suregery company


been looking for a good tree surgeon in Kent and I finally found one,  Tudor Rose Tree Care are an excellent tree suregery company

Source of this post from Alexis Bush Blog

Do you like to Hygge?


This blog has received a mixed reaction from the Move Revolution team… a few of them love the whole idea of Hygge and a few of them had no idea what I was talking about!

So for those of you who are unsure ‘to Hygge’ or ‘not to Hygge’ – this is what it means so I can let you decide!

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah) is a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special. Hygge (or to be “hyggeligt”) doesn’t require learning “how to”, adopting it as a lifestyle or buying anything.

So.. are you any the wiser?! Hopefully this blog will give you a little more information and, perhaps, tempt you to hygge! You might be asking yourself… why would I be interested in finding out about the ‘art of Hygge’? The answer is simple:

If you are thinking of moving home* … a hygge home is super-homely, welcoming and enticing! If you are thinking of staying in your home … surely you would love to make your home even more wonderful!

Apparently there are some simple rules you can follow to enjoy the art of hygge… to achieve optimal hygge in your own home, firstly you need to grab a warm drink, put on your comfiest jumper, and check out the top tips below (as well as taking a look at our Pinterest board)

  1. Make your home feel lovely and warm! Flickering flames, the smell of burning wood – we all love an open fire, however many of us can’t have enjoy a fire in our own home.. the next best thing is to turn up the heating and light some gorgeous candles.
  2. Bring the outside in…Natural relaxing colours, add natural materials like leather, stone, and wood to your space…
  3. Turn down the lights…think about mood lighting.. relax, turn off the overhead lights, and turn on floor lamps and table lamps.. as well as your candles!
  4. Cozy doesn’t mean cluttered! It’s hard to relax in spaces that are overwhelmed with ‘stuff’. So before you add your hygge touches take a moment to ‘declutter’ !
  5. Something Cozy.. a big part of hygge is all about texture, surrounding yourself with soft items like knitted fleece throw blankets, fluffy pillows, shag rugs, and comfy furniture will make you and your home feel amazing!
  6. Keep the hot drinks coming… gorgeous mugs with fabulous hot drinks, if you love a hot chocolate we have just the recipe for you (see below!), or a steaming cup of tea, or milky creamy latte!
  7. It’s all about you! Decorate your home with furniture and accents that are meaningful to you – items that were given to you as gifts, perhaps you purchased them on your travels or a family antique packed with history!
  8. Hanging out with Friends and Family – especially sharing a delicious meal, is essential to the hygge philosophy. So you’ll need a dining room table – it doesn’t matter if it’s large of small – just make it look special, uncluttered and the perfect place for wonderful conversations over a meal with those special people in your life!

Sea Salt Hot Chocolate

This sounds amazing – sweet and salty and perfect for this cold weather!

Recipe: Sea salt hot chocolate from Hot Chocolate by Hannah Miles, photography Steve Painter (Ryland Peters & Small).

Sea salt hot chocolate

SERVES 2250 ml milk
250 ml double cream
100 g dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids), chopped
1 tbsp caster sugar
1⁄2 tsp salt (or to taste)
1 egg yolk

1 Place the milk, cream and chopped chocolate in a saucepan with the sugar and salt, and heat over low heat until the chocolate has melted, whisking all the time.

2 Taste to see whether you need to add a little more salt for an extra salty kick. Remove from the heat and whisk in the egg yolk to thicken the hot chocolate.

3 Pass it through a sieve, then pour into two cups and serve immediately.

If you would like to find out more I am reliably informed that The Little Book of Hygge and Hygge – The Danish Art of Happiness are worth a read…. in front of a open fire with a hot chocolate and faux fur throw!

If you are thinking of moving or letting your home this year, we would love you to meet one of our team for a valuation.  All you need to do is call 0330 223 1000, or fill in your details on our valuation contact form – We would love to hear from you!

Source of this post from Alexis Bush Blog

Half Term Fun 2018!


Have you planned your February Half Term activities? It is so often wet and cold we have packed this blog with fun things to do… lots of which are inside (and a few outside activities that are great fun!)

Do you have…

a budding scientist,

a chocolate lover,

a steam train enthusiast,

a horrible history fan,

a superstar stargazer..

a budding Bear Grylls?!

If the answer is yes we have found events and activities for all of these and many more! We hope you have a wonderful time planning and enjoying your February Half Term!

Brighton Science Week

We loved this last year and can highly recommend you try out a Brighton Science Week workshop – packed with everything from SLIME TIME –  making slime that glows in the dark, building a rocket to learning how to code! There is something to inspire everyone. Tickets sell out quickly!

If you can’t make it to the science week, one of the venues which looks amazing is ART POD, located in Rottingdean – they run brilliant activities for children throughout the year!

The Observatory Science Centre, Herstmonceux

The Centre is an interactive hands-on science centre which has been operating in the former home of The Royal Greenwich Observatory since 1995.  There are lots of fantastic activities going on at The Observatory during February half term – packed with interest and intrigue we think this is as much for children as it is for adults. If you haven’t been before it is definitely worth a visit

Wilderness Wood



Packed with outdoor things to do – we can’t promise you will stay dry, but you will have an amazing time – we love the idea of a fire cooked Sticky Toffee Apple at Lucy’s Little Forest School – Family Castaway.  You get the chance to build a shelter ready to survive the wind and rain, light a campfire and enjoy cooking out lunch over the fire….(Adults to accompany child/dren and join the adventure!) Lighting a communal fire and have a go at the 60 seconds fire challenge….

Perhaps you love the idea of Lucy’s Little Forest School – Fairies and Elf Gardens day. Do you believe in fairies? Find the secret path and the fairy and Elf glade and listen to a story about Fairies and Elves. Make a secret garden for them to play in and make and decorate a willow wand to take home. If you have children under 3 years and you would like them to join in there is an additional charge of £2.50 for the wand and decorations. Where are all the fairies?

There is a wide range of activities throughout half term at Wilderness Wood, click here to find out more!

Doodledish Pottery Painting!

It’s wet and cold and all you want to do is be somewhere warm and keep your crafty children busy – Doddledish, Lingfield is the perfect place. Why not pop into Rosie’s Coffee Shop for a Sandwich and play (see below)  before going to Doodledish. We recommend you call Doodledish to let them know you are coming

Rosie’s Coffee Lounge, Lindfield

As we right this blog Rosie’s hasn’t released information about her half term events – she runs brilliant ‘themed’ events and activities which are every little boys and girls dream -from Animal Experience to Princess Breakfasts – keep your eye on their website to find out more!

Do you love Chocolate – Visit a Temper Temper Chocolate Workshop!

We couldn’t write a half term blog without including chocolate! We know how much little ones love making and creating – this way they will get to make something super yummy to take home! Temper Temper Chocolate are based in Southborough and run both Adult and Children’s workshop – you will have to be quick as they are already fully booked for one of their half term children’s workshops! It looks like great fun.

Kent and East Sussex Railway 

Kent and East Sussex Railway are putting on a half term special – you can catch a steam train from Tenterden to Bodiam during February half term!  You can steam along from Tenterden to Bodiam whilst keeping warm and dry through the beautiful Kent & East Sussex countryside, this day out also includes activities on the train children can decorate their own crowns, swords and princess mirrors on board during the journey.   There will also be a magician travelling through each train!

There is lots of information on their website .   The trains leave at 10:40, 13:15 and 15:35 they have on-train catering and access for wheelchair users.  In addition to hot and cold drinks, you can pre-book a ‘Kids Munch Box’, Cream Tea or Ploughmans to enjoy onboard these trains.

Bodium Castle

If you travel to Bodium Castle by Stream train, or decide to drive, the castle is always a fantastic place to visit.  During February half term, a children’s activity trail looks at the powerful and influential women of Bodiam Castle.  Without them, it wouldn’t have been built in the first place! You can discover the roles of Lady Elizabeth Dallingridge and other local wealthy women played their part in the establishment of Bodiam Castle.

East Grinstead Museum

The East Grinstead Museum is a hidden gem… is situated in a purpose built building in the centre of the town, only a few minutes from the historic High Street, the Museum tells the story of East Grinstead and the surrounding area from its early beginnings to the present day. It’s collection contains over 20,000 items consisting of archives, books, photographs and 3D objects. The collection interprets the heritage of our town and the surrounding villages, it people, trades, buildings, institutions and other aspects of life.  You could visit the museum and also catch a show at Chequer Mead Theatre

Chequer Mead Theatre, East Grinstead

The team at Move Revolution love Chequer Mead, this purpose built theatre is small, friendly and you always get an amazing seat! With a fantastic diary of events you are sure to find something you will love at an affordable ticket price! During February Half Term travel to the World of Oz and follow the Yellow Brick Road!

The Living Planet Centre, Woking

Have you visited the fabulous Living Planet Centre run by the WWF? They always run brilliant events for children through school holidays and at weekends and this February Half term is no exception!

Are you thinking of moving or letting your home in 2018?

If the answer is yes… we would love to chat with you.  We pride ourselves on our expert market knowledge, our dedication and passion to move all our clients, as quickly as possible, into their new home.  Don’t just take our word for it, have a read of our 618 (at the time of publishing) incredible independently verified reviews.  We cover Surrey, Sussex and Kent and would love to help you move into your dream home or let your property.  Give us a call on 0330 223 1000 or fill in your contact details to book a valuation today!

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Clever storage ideas!


We love clever decluttering and storage ideas at Move Revolution.  Amazing top tips that saves space and make it so much easier to use an every day item!

We’ve added to our de-cluttering and clever storage Pinterest board, which you all loved last year! There are so many amazing top tricks …let us know your favourite! These are a few of ours!

We love this pin board!

What a fantastic idea to store cupcake cases!

This hallway is simply gorgeous (we laughed in our office as many of us with children have hundreds of schools in our hallways!)

This is so simple… and what a lovely way to store books!


Many of you attend our Move Revolution events, as you can imagine we have LOTS of crafty ‘bits and pieces’, take a look at this gorgeous IKEA ‘crafty’ trolley!


If you are thinking of moving of letting your home we would love to chat with you, just give us a call on 0330 223 1000 or fill in your contact details for a valuation 

All the photographs included in this blog are from Pinterest, we can not take any credit for the ideas or photography! If you are one of the photographers please get in contact so we can add a credit to you in our blog!



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Your perfect Christmas drink recommended by Catherine Tobitt.


Have you been thinking about what will be your drink ‘of Christmas 2017’…  after a conversation in our Head Office, Catherine Tobitt our Lettings Property Manager prepared a short (!) list of our recommendations for a Christmas never to forget! We hope you find your perfect Christmas drink amongst this incredible selection.  All recipes are credited to their creators – original links have been included!
Vodka Cocktails
Christmas pudding vodka by Jamie Oliver
Vanilla Cranberry Mimosa
S’more Martini
Rum Cocktails
Spiced Vanilla Pear Apple Cider
Cinnamon butter rum
Gin Cocktails
Mince Pie Martini
Rudolph’s Cranberry Antlers Cocktail
Baileys Cocktails
Eggnog and Baileys
Whisky Cocktails
Hot toddy
Cocktail condiments
Popaballs – make drinks shimmer
Flowers to decorate the champagne flute
If you are a Landlord and looking for an award winning letting service, please give our Lettings team a call on 0330 223 1000

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Choosing the Perfect Camera with Oisin Flynn


Are you still struggling to find the perfect present? We hope you are inspired by this fabulous blog by our very own Oisin Flynn,  Move Revolution’s Creative Design Manager & Professional Photographer…
Christmas time is upon us. It’s a great excuse to stick a few little useful gadgets on my wish list to Santa. This year though, we’ve been asked to recommend a few cameras to those in need. Myself and Jack have picked out a few models that will appeal to different types of photographer. I hope you might find something that you like here.
Before I start talking about Cameras, I want to first remind everyone of a well known quote by Chase Jarvis, in fact it’s the title of his book. “The Best Camera is the One That’s With You” Chase is referring to a couple of things here. Firstly, the common perpetual craving for newer, better equipment in the hope that it’ll vastly improve the quality of your photography. But also, here, he’s alluding to the fact that those amazing cameras are often too bulky to carry round day to day. So often these cameras aren’t even considered when going on holiday, or simply having to hand when the kids are playing in the garden.
There’s thousands of photo opportunity that the “Best” cameras will never even see. More likely they will stay buried in their bags after the initial burst of excitement after the purchase, being used to photograph everything under the sun. These days though, we nearly all carry a half decent camera with us in our pockets. It’s not like me to praise mobile phones for their photographic capabilities. However,  given a bit of practice and an understanding of their limitations, the latest generation of phones from Google, Apple, Samsung and One+ are surprisingly great little cameras. It’s quick and easy now to whip out your phone to capture what’s in front of you, where you might not have even thought that you’d need to bring a camera with you.
About those limitations though, this is where dedicated cameras can show their worth. Camera phones produce images which look good on the device itself, or shared on social media. We’ve become accustomed to viewing photography in this way. However, beyond that display, those photos begin to fall apart. No marketing claim or boast will change that. When it comes to printing those photos, or even viewing them on larger monitors like 4K TV’s is normally when people wish they’d used a proper camera…
The other huge issue is battery life. We use our phones for so many things, sat navs and mapping, social media, currency conversion, research, translation on and you know, communication. The camera is a real battery killer though, especially if you use it for video. Running out of battery on holiday or even out for the day with the family can be a nightmare. So having a dedicated camera can help in this situation. Whether or not you also get better pictures depends on your budget though. It could be worth considering a power bank to keep that phone juiced up for the day!
So, here we are. Looking at proper cameras! Jack and myself both use quite different systems at work. That’s mostly because I made the decision to switch from a traditional DSLR to a Mirrorless Compact System. The decision for this for me was mostly down to the size and weight. I use my camera a lot on holiday, and my holidays tend to be more of the adventurous type than the relaxing beach type. So, the carry weight and size of a DSLR was beginning to bug me when I knew there was an alternative.
It’s for that reason, that my big recommendation is the Sony Alpha 7R III (£3200 body only) It’s the newer version of my own camera, and the model which has me checking my figures to see if I can warrant an upgrade. This camera improves on all of what could be considered the previous models shortcomings. It has a brand new processor which means more shots in the buffer, more shots per second and faster autofocussing. The full feature list is enormous. Too long to tackle on this blog. But if you’re looking to get into photography in a big way and have the budget, or you’re looking to change over from DSLR, or even if you’re looking at an upgrade from a Bridge type camera that you purchased a few years ago, then this model really is King of the realm at the moment. If you need lens recommendations, then I would say don’t skimp. This huge Full-Frame sensor will show up bad optics, or rather, bad optics won’t get the most out of this lens. There’s plenty of choice now from Sony (if you can afford the G master series, buy one) or The Zeiss Batis range are all great performers.
If you’re looking for performance and speed without the need, inconvenience or cost involved with changeable lenses. Then take a long hard look at the Sony RX10 IV. It has a slightly smaller sensor, with fewer megapixels. However it has an inbuilt lens that covers a 35mm equivalent of 24-600mm lens. That’s insane. With glass by Zeiss and really quite impressive F stop figures, this lens is something else. With its 24fps still shooting and up to 1000fps 4K video shooting you’re looking at being able to slow down that action in a way that most cameras could only dream of. Again, the specifications go well beyond the scope of this blog but this machine marks one of the biggest advancements to bridge cameras that the market has ever seen. At £1800, it’s not cheap. But for some perspective. If you wanted to be able to reach this speed and resolution from a camera with interchangeable lenses to cover this range, you would be spending over £7000.
As you can see, we’re running into the issue of having a camera that isn’t convenient to carry around all the time though. I’m a professional photographer and even I find carrying a (albeit small and relatively light) bag full of equipment a bit of a pain at times. If you’re into hiking and camping, adding another few kilos of equipment that probably requires it’s own bag is something you want to avoid. So let’s look at small one box wonders.
If you walk into your nearest cameras shop, you’ll find a mindboggling array of compacts, and from £75 to £750 they don’t look vastly different from each other. I’ll make this simple. If you can’t stretch to this next camera budget wise, don’t despair. You probably aren’t going to be missing anything by reverting to your camera phone. A budget camera will carry the same feature set as your phone camera with very few worthwhile advantages. Even those can be over come. I’ve mentioned power banks already but a budget compact with upgraded memory can trump your mobile for storage. However a WiFi connection and a cloud storage deal will negate that and be safer. If you lose your camera, you’ll lose your photos. A phone using cloud storage will be backing itself up when you’re on a WiFi connection.
Any image quality increases will be negated by viewing on a small display. A budget compact camera won’t be able to offer you more detail or depth than your phone. So if you were thinking of spending up to £200 on a camera, my honest advice would be not to bother. A power bank, Cloud storage and insurance would cost you less than £60 and would be arguably more convenient and safe.
If you’re still after that perfect little camera to carry when you need to keep things light, but you know you need to stretch beyond what your camera phone can do. Then you’ll hardly go wrong with this little Panasonic Lumix TZ90 at £380. At the time or writing, and I think for the Christmas period, Panasonic are offering £30 cashback too.

If you’re wondering why I chose this over the TZ100, it’s the zoom. I’m not even a fan of zoom lenses, but I know full well that it can mean the difference between getting a shot and not. I know that the people I’m recommending this camera to, are the type to pick a safari trip over a day by the pool. Or will take their camera to the zoo to photograph the animals rather than a selfie in front of the gorilla enclosure. There’s times when you simply can’t get close enough to your subject, and the big 30X optical zoom is a technological marvel, considering it all folds down into an almost flat body. 

There’s a little trick up this cameras sleeve that I don’t think has been mentioned enough. You can press the shutter button, the camera will take multiple version of that image and stack them together. The effect is, that you can increase the perceived bokeh effect, or even… get this… choose your focal point, and refocus your image after you’ve taken it. Mind blown.

As you can see, choosing a Camera can be a minefield. If you’ve managed to stick with us then thank you! If you choose one of these models then let us know how you like it!


If you are thinking of moving or letting your home please give us a call on 0330 223 1000 to book a viewing.  As you can see our creative team are passionate photographers – you will have the most stunning photographs take of your home!

Source of this post from Alexis Bush Blog

Let’s celebrate – 50% off Stamp Duty…on these gorgeous houses!


Celebrate Christmas and the New Year in style if you purchase No. 4 or No. 5  of the gorgeous Birchwood trio of distinguished detached homes. 50% off your Stamp Duty if you reserve with our Move Revolution team before 31st January 2018

  • No. 4 – 50% Stamp Duty offer = Saving of £18,125
  • No. 6 – 50% Stamp Duty offer = Saving of £18,125

We highly recommend a viewing of these luxurious detached houses all of which have incredible attention to detail. Each property has been carefully designed for the modern family, finished to a high specification. The gorgeous kitchens feature free standing Ringmaster stainless steel range cookers and cooker hood, integrated Bosch dishwashers and full height fridge/freezers. Utility rooms complement the kitchen finish with laminate work surfaces, stainless steel sink and free-standing Bosch washing machine and tumble dryer.

The bathrooms and en-suites feature luxurious white suites by Villeroy & Boch with Hansgrohe fittings.

The finishing touches include high quality oak finish internal doors with chrome ironmongery, fitted carpets to living room, stairs and all bedrooms. A feature fireplace and log burner are provided to the living room perfect for a winter evening. For those of you who love technology…to meet the latest needs, TV/Sat and BT/Data points are provided to all principal rooms with a provision for Sky HD box (box, dish and subscription not included).  We love the fitted dressing room to master bedroom – make sure you have a look when you book your appointment to view the Birchwood collection.

The houses have gas fired underfloor heating throughout the ground floor, via radiators to first floor. They feature double glazed UPVC windows and doors with multi point locking system. In addition, a mains fed smoke alarm is fitted to the hall and landing with a battery backup, and a mains fed carbon monoxide detector is fitted adjacent to the gas boiler.

No. 4 Cumnor Rise – 50% Stamp Duty offer = Saving of £18,125

No. 6 Cumnor Rise – 50% Stamp Duty offer = Saving of £18,125

No. 5 Cumnor Rise –  Asking price to £895,000.

Previous Brookworth Homes interior

Previous Brookworth Homes interior

The quality of a Brookworth Home

We are delighted to be working with Brookworth Homes, a private property development company known and respected for their exquisite portfolio of properties.  Based in Reigate, Surrey, Brookworth Home are house builders leading the way in creating homes that surpass expectations in terms of design, quality of construction, and vision for sustainable development. They have a reputation for specification, sustainability and sensitivity of design throughout the South East.

Brookworth Homes are carefully constructed using the highest standard of materials, appliances, technologies and finishes. They work with established architects and skilled craftsmen to create truly beautiful places to live.

A hidden gem – Kenley, Surrey

Kenley is a hidden gem, surrounded by the picturesque North Downs and Surrey Hills yet within easy reach of central London, Kenley offers relaxed semi-rural living within a thriving community. At the heart of this leafy suburb, off a private tree-lined avenue, Birchwood is an exciting new collection of just three distinguished detached homes.

Superb schooling – both private and state – and, inspiring recreational facilities are hallmarks of the area, with excellent local amenities available. Golfers will be in their element, with the Surrey National Golf Club nearby, while Couldson Manor Hotel and Golf Club also offers a leisure and fitness centre, tennis and squash courts and fine dining in addition to a challenging 18 holes.

Kenley is just 14 miles from the centre of London and just over six miles from the M25, with the M23 just a few miles further along. Trips to the South Coast will take around an hour, while travel further afield is equally accessible, with Gatwick 19 miles away and Heathrow reachable within the hour Less than a mile from Birchwood, Kenley station serves East Croydon, which has trains to a wide range of destinations, from St Pancras to Portsmouth and from Brighton to Bedford. Kenley to London Victoria takes around 33 minutes, with trains every 10-15 minutes, however, just over 2 miles away, from Purley station, there are direct trains to London Bridge and Victoria that take less than half an hour.

We look forward to showing you the Birchwood collection call Paul Mulligan on 020 8819 3272 to book an appointment.  If you are thinking of selling or letting your home in the Croydon area please chat with Paul who will arrange a free valuation at a time which is convenient to you.

Source of this post from Alexis Bush Blog